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Archeology - Glozel and Lussac les Châteuax

Classical science says: Homo sapiens did not exist before the pre-historical Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon, both of whom knew silex (until the 60's).
The Cro-Magnon is not an ancestor of modern men, as it was believed. His main characteristics differ.

The archeologist Robert Charroux - also a researcher - deceased in the late 70's, was one among those who decided to review the reality offered by the system and traveled all over the world, investigating humankind history in a different perspective from that imposed by orthodox science.
"It is necessary, first of all, to oppose a certain number of pre-established notions. Prehistorical men knew how to build stone houses, shacks, fortresses. Nowhere can one find artificial caves, prepared to become more comfortable homes. It is apparent that the silex men would not have let them unprepared if they were fit to become houses. The caves were used, otherwise, as workshops, as shelters for tilers - as in our days - and also, as in the present, they could offer shelter to some less fortunate individuals." -- Robert Charroux - archeologist, researcher and "globe-trotter".
Charroux also points out the subtle ways of hiding the truth: "Prehistoric civilizations also knew the cooking oven: the circular-shaped Drachenloch dry stone oven,; the Noailles (Corrèze) oven, with a rectangular surface, made of superposed stones, whose empty spaces between angles were filled with smaller stones mixed with clay, limestone and sand." -- Father Breuil
The jocular remark of Charroux for that writing by Father Breuil and professor Lantier (Les Hommes de la Pierre Ancienne), two major authorities on the subject, was: "Nice paraphrase to merely say cemented stones."
The evidence which was yielded: prehistoric men knew how to cement. They obviously built their homes, instead of inhabiting caves. Charroux, in his lucid argumentation, highlights what we call "an exact science" - "in the field of reconstruction of Humankind History". It is based on "a handful of bones, some of which are made of gypsum and the others are fake or disputable. In truth, this science only relies on arguable hypotheses. There are no skeletons of prehistoric men establishing the link between man and ape. Only skulls with 1,100, 1,200, 1,300 and 1,400 cubic centimeters from primates closest to us, which were precisely the ones which were easier to find. Hence, a certain tendency to twist Prehistory."
There is a kind of farce perpetrated by scientists and historians when they try to make prevail their ignorance of what they KNOW about the Paleolithic man: he built houses, lived in cities protected by fortifications, with streets and squares; in a nutshell, they lived according to their time, as we do nowadays. The scientists-historians ignore the LIVING testimonies in museums and collections, screaming with irrefutable evidence. Those who get to be more convincing to the "laymen" are even "imprisoned" in the room of Blue-Beard (a character of fairy tales) at the museums. The farce goes further, as the most impressive objects and art pieces are labeled ritual objects, mythical gods, and so on.

The Carbon 14
The great time definer. Everybody now knows about the hidden deficiencies of this "greatness"!
The evaluations of Pre-History through carbon 14 are not sustainable. The cyclic error margin of carbon dating ranges from 50% for up to 5,568 years to 80% for 5,000 to 10,000 years. Carbon can indicate either 15,000 or 50000; if it were efficient, the age of the bones in the Lascaux caves would have been estimated, but this did not happen. "Its is impossible to establish dating for bones through the carbon 14 approach", Dr. Morlet quotes some American scholars specialized in that technique, who made that affirmation when asked to date the "Death Sites" in Glozel - France.
Johannes Hurzeler denies Darwin's EVOLUTIONISM theory: "There is not a single probability in a thousand of man descending from apes", unless there had been an intervention at a certain moment, something to do with "genetic intervention", as at least one among the contemporaneous scholars could claim, prior to presenting the evidences: the cataloged testimonies in museums and collections all over the world.

Glozel has a validity certification from the great majority of historians all around the world. It is located south from the French town of Vichy. In 1925, dr. Morlet (already mentioned) wisely published a report -- Nouvelle Station Neolithique (9/23/25), dealing with the findings at Glozel, discovered by the Fradins, Emile and his grandfather Claude: tiles, engraved tablets, two chisels, two machetes, and two inscribed stones. The Fradins had 33 witnesses, among them professor Augustin Best and the parish curate, Father Naud, who attested to the authenticity of the findings.
There is the beginning of a deplorable case, although sadly common. Capitain, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, who received and disdained the Fradins' precious findings, called dr. Morlet to Paris to make an "indecent proposal" - "You are unknown by the public, your volume will not sell. Put my name in it instead of the Fradins' (this was witnessed and published by Canon Cote). Since dr. Morlet refused to comply, as usually happen

s Glozel was challenged and ridiculed. In 1926, Father Breuil, who was a partner of Capitain, could not but declare: "It is indeed Neolithic. I thank you so much (he said to Dr. Morlet), you have convinced me."

The Fradins were tried and convicted for fraud and mystification. Canon Cote wrote a very courageous book - "Glozel, Trente Ans Après" (Glozel, Thirty Years Later) - where he claimed that all that legal suit was motivated by "personal reasons", and mentions Father Breuil as responsible for much of the Fradins' problems. There was a trio dominating at the time, which was considered "the owner of Prehistory". This trio were partners in a company and was composed by Capitain, Breuil and Peyroni, the conservative men of the Eyzies Museum. The three of them were caught unprepared by the discoveries of the Fradins, which disturbed enormously their theses on Prehistory. There was even an attempt of forgery of the findings in the site by a religious devotee called Mrs. Garrot, following Father Breuil's orders, but who was caught by Dr. Morlet when she was trying to drill a hole in a piece of sculpture. The evildoings got to such a level that the intervention of the Human Rights League was called for. But was it really required? Yes is the answer. Let us see why.

The totality of the Glozel findings
1. Neolithic library with more than 100 tablets having alphabetical characters (the first alphabet), the letters V, W, L, H, T, I, K, O, C, J and X. Their arrangement shows that 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, in the Magdalenian, men could already write and read.
2. Idols and vases of cooked earth in the shape of strange beings, some of them emerging from flying saucers, round-eyed like the Sumerian sculptures.
3. Jewels.

The great conclusion: It was established the existence of the knowledge of molding, sculpture and writing (superior arts), which led to the confirmation that the Glozelian had the so-called menial knowledge: masonry, house building, carpentry, and blacksmithing.

There is an immense list of scholars fully committed to truth who are authenticating the findings and the conclusions on the importance of Glozel, at the same time condemning the attitude of their vain, envious colleagues and bad scientists.

In the "Museum of Man", Paris, one finds some of the stones taken from teh Caves of Lussac-les-Châteaux, dated from the Magdalenian period.
In August of 1937, two archeologists were searching the earth among the rocks of a cave. Stèphane Lwoff, one of them, decided to examine at daylight the fragments of rock he had found. He uttered an imprecation when he saw his finding: "What the heck!"

Lèon Pericard, the other archeologist, came over to see what has deserved his colleague's cursing. With his only hand (he lost one of his arms in Verdun, during the First World War), he held the limestone fragments produced by Lwoff.
"I think they are graffiti... Are you thinking what I am thinking?", asked Lwoff.
"Yes, the stones on the right side of the cave were engraved by prehistoric men!", answered Pericard. "But this is extraordinary," said Pericard. "Portrayed in this stones engraved 15,000 years ago, there are men, women and children dressed like us! They have coats and pants, they wear shoes, boots and hats!"
That findings had just destroyed everything taught by Classical Pre-History up to then. Father Breiul authenticated that discovery in 1938. A few of those stones are in exhibition on the first floor of the Museum of Man, in Paris. However, the museum shows only the most "innocent" pieces. The ESTABLISHMENT could not and do not accept brutal transgressions in its art of duping fools (us!) who believe it in earnest, not thinking or questioning it, and passively accepting the WISEMEN's(?) authority, without discussion. This fantastic discovery is described and recorded in the "Bulletin de la Sociètè Prehistorique de France" - book 1957, issue number 10 - First floor, Pre-History Room.
The "shocking" stones are hidden from the public's view; they are kept in the "Blue Beard Room" at the museum, which, similarly to the mysterious little in the fairy tale, is a place for "damned objects", those science cannot explain... or do not want to explain.

"After the engraved stones of Lussac-les-Châteaux, Pre-History got a new aspect, a new meaning, the past came out of darkness and our ancestors shed the "coarse rags" with which they were willingly covering themselves until then. Robert Charroux - archeologist

Conclusion: Those men, women and children lived for sure in cities similar to ours. Why aren't we taught this facts in school? These TRUTHS belong to HUMANKIND AS A WHOLE and not only to an elite of self-appointed WISEMEN, although their behavior towards us do not indicate they have ALL the characteristics defining WISDOM, among them: HUMBLENESS, for the sake of TRUTH and the WILL TO SHARE their findings for the sake of HUMANKIND. History is not someone's private story, it belongs to all of us, to all the people, it is the HISTORY OF HUMANKIND.

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